This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. I think it is quite helpful being a seperate program. With this calculator, I also can determine portal distance too. Block Distance Calculator: input the X Y Z while standing in one spot, move to another spot and input those X Y Z coords, then click calc and it tells you how many blocks are between the two points.

At first I tried to do the math myself, guessing as to what equation I should use. I got pretty far and was on the right track, but then I decided to search for an equation that someone had already thought of where I could just input the X Y Z for 2 points in 3 dimensional space.

That worked great, BUT, it required that I sit there with note pad and calculator open; and doing the equation has more than a few steps where you have to write down or remember the particular values in between steps.

SO, basically, doing it that way was a major pain in the head, so I wrote this, so, now all I have to do is input the X Y Z for the 2 points where I need to know the number of blocks in between and hit the button. Basic drop damage and spawner block setup.

How to Connect a Nether Portal Using Coordinates - Minecraft Tutorials

Hopper with chest on the drop point. I suppose you could put a hopper and a collection chest on the very last block of the transport system.

And, I suppose you could also put a call button up by the brewery; so that when you think the mine cart chest full of potions has been emptied, you can push the call button and the empty cart will return to the brewery.

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The video also includes my dark room drop damage over world item farm design too. The zombie spawner thing is at about 9 mins. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Nice program. You should do this in java however and release it as an OOP mod. I don't see too many people using this because of it being outside of MC. Thank you It was done in java While the next step will probably be a client side mod, just so people have both the options: using it in game and using it outside of the game.

Edit: I think I understand now. Are you saying you want to pick an x, y, z coordinate and then have the program output the distance of 2 radii?This tutorial will show you how to make a calculator in Minecraft using redstone.

Of course, all compilations are made with binary code. This is why this calculator has many different decoders. Here, the users will decide what numbers they want to use. In the picture, a lever -based binary input system is used, so the users must decompose the numbers they want to use into powers of two. These wires link the input panel and the operation panel to the different logic units. Try to rearrange them in a manner where the same values go together.

Its construction is simple because it is modulated made of many same parts. That means that if you use more bits, you can just add more parts on the side. However, this means that you'll have to change some links. In this machine, your inputs in binary code go into the bottom yellow full adders. Each adder needs the two inputs A and B with the same values.

Also, the least significant bit has to be on the left, so they should all be connected by their carries. Basically, your inputs look like the wires in the Input Wires white and orange section. Use basic bridges to pass wires over the others without connecting them.

The multiplexer is controlled by a switch on the picture, that switch is on the left. The sums go into another multiplexer, which, again, gives an inverted input in case of a subtraction.


This is required because on a subtraction, that last carry actually means the "-" minus sign. The white machines are half-addersthat use, as inputs, the carry of the last adder and the sum of their respective full adder. The final outputs are all of the top-most wires you can observe, plus the wire on the right the carry from the last full adder and the carry that goes in the first left half-adder, as the negation sign.

The multiplier is probably the most complicated part of the calculator. For our purposes, multiplication is a repeated addition. That means that, once again, adders will be used here. Before you add the adders, you actually have to set up an AND gate not including the control one. Its use is simple: in binary multiplication, because only 0's and 1's are used, the only way that we can have an output is by multiplying 1 by 1. Here is how to construct a multiplier, in order from the least to the most significant bits.

That means that the output of the second AND gate the control one goes straight to the output collective wires. Those two outputs meet in a full adder. The sum goes to the output, and the carry goes to the next bit.

The two normal inputs are 2 of the 3 AND gates. The sum of this goes in a second adder, where the second input is the third AND gate. Both carry outs go to the next stage, and the sum goes to the output. You continue like this until you run out of AND gates, or equations. Dividers on a redstone calculator are less complicated than multipliers.

Again, full adders should be used here.

minecraft distance calculator

Basically, for each A input, set up n adders where n is the quantity of inputs by B. Also, this time, you have to "reverse them". Now the most significant bit should pass its carry downwards.

Tutorials/Measuring distance

Output wires have to get every output from every machine and redirect them to the next part using redstone dust.Measuring distances in Minecraft can be quite tedious, but with a few simple guidelines you will never make a mistake again!

Distances in Minecraft are quite easy to measure. Officially [1]Minecraft uses the metric system, and each block is considered to be 1 cubic metre. When you measure long distances, it's easier to count if you mark the terrain with a space of 4 blocks between each marked block. The first marker represents a zero. Every second marker ignoring the zero-mark is then a 10 meter mark.

Make a distinguished mark at the 21st marker to represent a hundredbecause the first marker block represents zero 0. Use a sign to mark larger numbers to save time and resources. Assume that one block's length is 1 yard. Every second marker ignoring the zero-markis 16 yards. Make a distinguished mark at the 11th 16 yards mark zero-mark not included. One mile converts to Consider a Mile to be blocks long, for the sake of Minecraft practicality. Use the metric method 4 block spacing between. Make x 10th meter marks.

If you press F3, the debug screen will give you your present location in X, Y and Z coordinates. Measuring distances between two locations or waypoints is as easy as subtraction, if you walk in a cardinal direction. Otherwise you will need to make use of the Pythagorean theorem to compute the distance. This is not strictly in-game, but it makes a drastic difference in gameplay, avoiding a lot of frustrated wandering.

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After going into the debug screen, the crosshairs are replaced with 3 colored lines. Take the length of the green line which is always the same if you face near 0 on the Y-Axis relative to a block. If one normal sized block is the same height as the green line, the player is standing about 35 blocks away from it. If it's 1.This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Village Mechanics: A not-so-brief guide - Update !

Now with 1. Long-overdue trading info, coming soon! You think magic isn't real? Consider this: for every person, there is a sentence -- a series of words -- which has the power to destroy them. Bored enough to watch some vanilla lets plays? Need a good universal mob farm? Check out the Double Shift Towers. Designed for 1. Your first post and you answer some post nearly 3 years old. Good one.

That would be a heck of a long time to wait for the said joke punchline that surely failed to deliver a healthy guffaw. And just for the record IronMagus was one of the most knowledgeable helpful people here on the forums in years past. That post was a little unlike him so must have been having a bad day. Just testing. Was a good joke indeed. In defense of the necromancer, usually people google questions and those questions lead them to old forum posts and they just post something not realizing how old it was.

I was led here through a search engine. As a matter of fact I was looking for the spawning distances as well, I had to retrieve my account information from years ago just so that I could make this joke, but I just had to. PM me if you want a custom intro, channel banner, profile picture, thumbnail, or pretty much anything art related.

Well after clicking on his profile and seeing that he logged in two days ago, I'd say he's still around, lurking. Hey guys I was just woundering what is the furthest a mob will spawn from you?

I think the wiki says its 64 blocks, does anyone know if this is right or if it is more or less? Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.Playing Minecraft, I like making circular things. I used a chart while I was building, but wanted to be able to make variable size ovals which is something I couldn't find a decent chart of or generator capable of, so I created this! If you want to save the result to an image there is a way.

If you look at the page source or use your browser's "inspect element" on the result, you'll see and svg tag. See my Tweet about comment formatting. Comment by: Ray on May. I like the javascript effects.

Minecraft Portal Calculator

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minecraft distance calculator

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minecraft distance calculator

Minecraft dungeons Discover an all-new action adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers! Minecraft earth Bring the Minecraft universe into the real world with augmented reality!

Minecraft: Education Edition A game-based learning platform supporting thousands of educators in over countries! Newest News. The Spring Sale is here! Shop now. Minecraft Dungeons Fight your way through an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe!

Pre-order today.A useful collection of tools and calculators for Minecraft players to use as they build and explore their amazing Minecraft worlds. This is a great way to know the exact direction to travel when you know your start and end coordinates. Just enter in the start and end coordinates and you will see exactly what angle to travel and also see how many meters the trip will be.

Chad from OMGcraft did a video explaining it, too! The first number on that line is the direction you are facing in degrees. Turn to the correct angle and start your journey in the most direct route!

Use this calculator to figure out the placement for your portals so they align as accurately as they can with each other. This can be especially useful if you have many portals in a small area that are not linking correctly. The Y position does come into play when determining the most accurate postion of a portal.

Starting with v1.

minecraft distance calculator

Check the 'Above Nether Ceiling Linking' box if you want to link to a portal that is already above the bedrock in the Nether.

If you haven't gone above the bedrock in the Nether yet, leave the checkbox empty. If you are using a version older than 1. This web app will give you all the correct postions for blocks between any two locations. A few possible examples would be to get the block locations for a long ramp, a road at an angle, walls that are not straight or that may go up hill, large rooftops or locations to place lamp posts on an angled path every 15 blocks. Simply input the start and end locations for the blocks.

If it will be used for a solid structure such as a road or a wall you set the spacing to 1 so there are no gaps. If you are using it to determine blocks that will be spaced out such as lamp posts or torches along a road you would enter in the distance between each item.

The data will first list the block number, then the X, Y and Z coordinates in that order. For large results you can scroll to see the full list.

You can finally have a real use for all of those poison potatoes that you get in your world! With this pack you can change a poison potato into any of these custom item textures when you rename it in an anvil. Simply put a poisonous potato into an anvil and rename it with one of the names listed in the read me included with the download. You must be running OptiFine in order to use this pack.

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The pack is great to use with item frames and includes new textures such as letters for signs, arrows, food items, tools, gems, light and mechanical panels and more! The latest version requires Minecraft Java 1. If you are using an earlier version of Minecraft try to use the 1. The ebook contains over 40 pages of color guides that help you with your Minecraft builds. Covering topics such as angled walls and buildings, circles, triangles, arches, rooftops, pathways, and unique barriers!